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InfraRed NRG


Earn up to 35 ATP Points.


Product Description


INFRARED is a “non stim” pre-workout that uses quality ingredients in effective concentrations and supports genuine cellular energy production that you can feel, without the need for caffeine and / or stimulants. This is a “formulated supplementary sports food” designed to enhance the quality of athletic performance and provide sportsmen and sportswomen with an unfair but totally legal advantage over the competition.

What is in Infrared?

ATP Carb blend

This New ATP Science gel technology creates a gel bullous mixture of high and low molecular weight, simple and complex carbs with differing digestion and absorption pathways.

Using Gel technology in the carbohydrate blend makes it easy on the gut as it is formulated for efficient digestion and absorption and subsequent utilisation to fuel energy requirements.

23 gram per serve of a mix of a high molecular weight rice amylopectin, honey – fructose (NOT high fructose corn syrup), glucose and maltodextrin (not naturally part of honey but is added to keep the honey as a powder until you dissolve it), Beetroot juice (sucrose, fructose and glucose plus nitrates and betaine) and Dextrose (simple grape sugar form of glucose).

Beta Alanine

Citrulline malate

Beta vulgaris

Schisandra chinensis

Betaine / Trimethylglycine (TMG)

Unique Electrolyte Mix

Quality electrolytes magnesium L-aspartate, potassium L-aspartate, calcium citrate and sodium citrate.

The guidelines for taking INFRARED

The guidelines listed below are just a basic guide or suggestions and you may need to alter to fit your personal needs and requirements.

Gym – resistance training and cardio – ¾ hour to 1.5 hours

Crossfit – depending on WOD duration and events. But one full serve before or half before and half during.

Pre-workout – Mix one scoop of INFRARED into 350 ml of water 15 minutes before training. You can safely double the dose and mix 2 scoops into 600ml if you are chasing a more intense vasodilation and power increase.

Intra-workout – INFRARED can also be used intra workout if the session extends past 80 minutes, for this purpose take one extra scoop in 400-450ml of water to sip on during your workout.

Ball sports – Rugby codes, AFL, NFL, baseball. Before the game or training – Mix 3 heaped scoops (approx 36 grams)  into 350ml of water and drink within 1 hour before the game.

Combat sports – MMA, boxing, martial arts, jujitsu, Mu Tai. Mix 3 heaped scoops (approx 36 grams) of INFRARED into 350ml of water and drink within 1 hour of the event/training session.

Swimming, cycling, running less than 90 minutes. Mix 3 heaped scoops (approx 36 grams) of INFRARED into 350ml of water and drink within 30 minutes prior to the event/training session.

Swimming, cycling, running longer than 90 minutes. Mix 3 heaped scoops (approx 36 grams) of INFRARED into 350ml of water and drink within 30 minutes prior to the event/training session.

If the exercise extends past 90 minutes, mix 3 heaped scoops (approx 36 grams) into another 400 to 500 ml of water and sip on during the event/training session. Alternatively, you can mix 3 heaped scoops (approx 36 grams) into as little as 250 ml of water and sip and dilute with water from water stations as they become available.

Loading on non-training days

For loading up on INFRARED to get the most out of the electrolytes, beta alanine, Schisandra and beetroot you should mix 3 heaped scoops (approx 36 grams) into 250 – 500ml of water and drink once daily. INFRARED is best taken away from other supplements containing taurine. Taurine will compete with beta alanine for absorption and utilization.

Infrared summary

In conclusion, INFRARED will help you perform better. The scientifically formulated array of specific herbal medicine, electrolytes, unique carbohydrate blend, and researched nutrients all driving our performances forward. INFRARED will give you the edge, whether you want to out-perform better than your sporting rival, or the rival that lies within us all.


Beta Vugaris


Schisandra Chinensis Berry Extract


Frequently asked questions

Is this product just a pre workout or can it be used as an intra workout aswell?

Yes. You can use the Infrared prior, during or post training. We recommend on competition days to sip on it continuously throughout the day.

Why the Maltodextrin and Dextrose combo in Infrared?

– Predictable. When working with all types of athletes to make a performance product you don’t want surprises.
– Consistency. So highly processed and refined and made in such bulk that once you find a good supplier (non-GMO etc.) then each batch is exactly the same and when you consume it it will work exactly the same from batch to batch.
– This can’t be said for a lot of new carbohydrate concepts from around the world that are still in the innovative stage and can vary from batch to batch.

Will this break my fast if I have this fasted?

Yes, the carbohydrate content of this pre/intra workout is not advised if fasting.

Will this upset my stomach or bloat me?

In the majority of cases, this is very easy on the stomach, the varying absorption rates of the carbohydrate forms allows for a smooth gastric emptying rate and transition phases.

How do I use it?

3 scoops (approx 36g) mixed with 500ml of water or your preferred liquid amount.
You can have this pre or sip on during exercise.
For endurance events, we recommend a serve (36g) every 3-4 hours to top up on fuel, electrolytes and amino acids.
For respiration, focus and fuel we recommend adding in 2ml of Amp-V to a serve of infrared and sip on this during training.


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