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T432 Plus


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Product Description

T432 Plus

Thyroid hormones affect every part of your body. They set your pace; how fast you run, burn, digest, absorb and eliminate.

An interesting fact about thyroid is that one of its jobs is to regulate your body temperature. It does this by burning fat to make heat, a process called thermogenesis. If you do not have adequate thyroid hormones or thyroid hormone activity you can’t burn fat and stay cold. Other signs and symptoms to look out for that may indicate thyroid is not working ideally for you.

Symptom picture checklist for slow or under-active thyroid function

  • generalised weight gain that is difficult to account for
  • fluid retention
  • apathy
  • tired and lousy feeling
  • too tired and cranky to care or tolerate ‘idiots’ (impatient towards others)
  • cold or overly sensitive to cold breeze, drinks and foods
  • swollen and bloated
  • slow bowels with constipation, excessive bloating and gas and fullness
  • burping, farting and gurgling guts
  • poor circulation and fluid retention
  • dry, weak and poor-quality hair
  • dry skin
  • weak, brittle or poor-quality finger and toe nails

Work with your healthcare professional to see if there may be any thyroid disease and find what type of problem you may have.

The “essential” nutrients that are needed by the thyroid to be able to work are; Iodine, Chromium, zinc and selenium. Tyrosine is an amino acid that joins with Iodine to make thyroid hormones possible. It is not an essential nutrient but can be conditionally essential with inadequate phenylalanine.

What is in a T432 Plus capsule?

Nutrient base

  • Tyrosine 200mg
  • Iodine 30mcg
  • Chromium 30mcg
  • Zinc 2.5mg elemental
  • Selenium 12.5mcg elemental

Yerba Mate

Du Zhong (Eucommia ulmoides oliver leaf)

Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)

Guarana (Paullinia cupanan yielding approximately 5mg caffeine)

Coleus Forskohlii (Forskolin)

Pomegranate (Punica granatum)

Moringa leaf (yielding approximately 30mcg chromium)

Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus yielding approximately 30mcg Iodine)


Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Extract

Coleus Forskholii Root Extract

Dr-Zhong Leaf extract


Moringa Leaf Extract

Pomegranate Peel Extract

Yerba Mate Leaf Extract



L-Tyrosine 200mg, Du Zhong leaf extract, Yerba Mate leaf extract, Cinnamon Bark extract, Guarana seed extract, Coleus Root Extract, Pomegranate Peel Extract, Orgen-CM, Certified Organic Moringa Leaf Extract yielding approx. 30mcg of elemental chromium, Kelp Yielding 30mcg elemental iodine, Zinc Gluconate supplying 2.5mg of Elemental Zinc, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae selenium yielding 12.5mcg selenium.

Clean Excipient Blend:

Hypromellose (veggie Capsules), Rice Extract, Acacia Gum.


Frequently asked questions

Can I take T432 Plus along with my Thyroid medication?

ATP recommends you only use T432 Plus with thyroid medication under the supervision of your prescribing medical professional. Monitor changes in blood test and body temperature to assess interactions.

Hypothetically T432 Plus can work synergistically with thyroid medication as it is formulated to enhance the efficient conversion and activity of thyroid medication and prevent the formation of reverse T3.

Will taking T432 Plus interrupt with taking the oral contraceptive pill?

Consult with your pharmacist for interactions with your particular form of contraception.

What is the recommended dosage for T432 Plus?

We recommend taking x1 capsule 3 times a day with main meals. Alternatively to find out what dose works for your body refer to our temperature chart on the product thumbnails at the top of the page.

What is the Caffeine Content of T432?

The Caffeine content is very minimal - across the three capsules serve in a day its equivalent to around 1/4 cup of coffee.

What if T432 is keeping me awake at night?

If you are extremely sensitive to Naturally occurring caffeine content in the ingredients, we suggest having your last serve no later than 3pm and or earlier if you find that this time allotment is still keeping you awake.

How long can I use this for?

We recommend using this one as 3 months use and 1-month break, check back in via blood tests on your thyroid status and repeat as necessary.

Will this make my thyroid worse?

No, thankfully this is not a product designed to stimulate the thyroid in any particular direction, but rather provide the tools in the form of nutrients so that it can correct itself in the direction of change required by the body.


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    Byron B.
    AU AU

    Back in my Prime

    So far so good, I have been using a combination of the ATP science products and have found my energy again. I'm starting to make progress on getting my pre kids body back... The best part of my experience so far has been the return in drive and energy. I feel like my old self again!

    ATP Science UK

    Hi Byron, thanks for your review and feedback on Alpha Prime. We are so happy to hear you are enjoying the product and feeling the benefits. Thanks, - ATP Team

    Brayden G.
    NZ NZ

    Recovery Improvement

    I paired this with alpha Mars and have noticed a difference in my recovery. Doing weightlifting and crossfit I've found it great to help with my training.

    ATP Science UK

    Hi Brayden, thanks for your review and feedback. It is great to hear that Alpha Prime and Mars are helping with your training and recovery. Thanks for sharing. - ATP Team

    Tobias G.
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    Test up

    Been taking it for a week now feeling goods

    ATP Science UK

    Hi Tobias, thanks for your review and feedback. That is great you are feeling the benefits of Prime already. Thanks. - ATP Team

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